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Search and browse a world of extraodinary experiences.
Do That
Add experiences you'd like to have to your own list.
Did That
Claim badges for the peak experiences you've had.
Find and record live experiences with our app.
Suggest badges for experiences we haven't added yet.
Assemble your greatest moments on your profile.

Discover the World's Greatest Experiences.

Did That helps you find extraordinary experiences from around the world and helps you do them.

Create your own bucket list of experience badges, called your "Do That" list. On your Do That list you can find advice from other members, connect with service providers that can help you have these experiences, get exclusive discounts, and more.

Been there, done that? Add the experience badge to your Did That list to record that you did it, and share your greatest moments with others. You can earn the full badge points by reviewing and sharing your experiences and the service providers that helped you.

On the move? Download our app to find experiences you could have when you're on the move, and record your experiences live, while you're having them. There is no cost to use Did That; we earn our keep by allowing service providers who would like to help you have the best experiences offer you options through our provider listings and badge sponsorship.

Did That won't share any of your personal information without your explicit permission; our privacy policy and terms of service are here for your review. Sign in to creat or access your Did That account.

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